Plan #5 - Southern Lakeside

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If you have a corner lot or the lot is wide enough, the garage doors can be changed to side-entry for a nicer front elevation such as below.

Lot11BSideGarage.jpg (29943 bytes)

First Floor               1779 sqft

Second Floor          1379  sqft

A/C Space              3158 sqft


First Floor                 Second Floor

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This house was designed for a prominent lakeside lot. The design needed to be more formal to suit the lot's prominent size and location. But it wasn't to be overly grandiose to overpower the neighbors. The design emulated the quiet grace of the old southern colonials characterized by shuttered windows and broad porches.

The rear lake views are utilized to the max. All the main rooms overlook the lake, each with a different vantage of the lake. The communal spaces on the first floor form a circular flow which makes the house seem more spacious and is great for large-crowd entertaining. Guests can mingle from room to room without dead-end rooms to slow them down. And speaking of guests, overnight guests have a room in the far end of the second floor with a private bath and balcony to enjoy their stay.

The best part of this house are the porches and balconies. From afar, they project an inviting and friendliness of indoor-outdoor living. From the inside, they extend the living space to make the house feel more spacious.  This house design actually started out with the porch designs so they aren't afterthoughts as they often are. If you're looking for a good indoor-outdoor house and like the quiet grace of the Southern colonials, this plan could be it.