Plan #1 - Beach House - The Design


Narrow House Front.jpg (28430 bytes)


First Floor          1265 sqft

Second Floor     1523 sqft

A/C Space         2788 sqft

(Third Floor Bonus Space 436 sqft)

First Floor                        Second Floor                  Third Floor

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This house was designed for an extra narrow lot and the garage had to be front-entry even though it was to take up more than half the house's width. A challenge with this house was to integrate the garage in such a way that it won't overtake the front facade to ruin the house's curb appeal.

Instead of applying ornamentation to compensate for the garage door's starkness, the strategy was to play off its plain-ness. I went with a clean-lined postmodern look and neutralized the garage by repeating its rectilinear lines. A metal roof and dormers enhanced the vertical massing to draw the eyes up and away from the garage.  The resulting design is a well-proportioned house suitable for an infill lot or on the water. If you have a pesky narrow lot and like a soft-modern look, this plan could be it.